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Supporting NHS Trusts

We’re a community healthcare provider committed to delivering the highest quality of dermatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, ultrasound and minor surgery services. We are patient-driven, providing what would typically be considered hospital treatment closer to home.

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Trusts under pressure Population growth, budget cuts and staff strikes are just a few of the challenges facing the NHS presently and it comes as no surprise that Clinical Commissioning Groups are starting to realise the benefits of using additional healthcare providers to relieve the pressure on local hospitals. We recognise that hospital care must be as smooth and efficient as possible and it’s important that secondary care appointments are reserved for those who really need them. Indeed, the long wait times and hectic emergency centres that arise from the inappropriate use of secondary care services sacrifice the quality of patient care provided. It’s our mission to help remove unnecessary strain from secondary care by offering less immediate services outside of hospitals and in local GP surgeries, allowing hospitals to focus on major procedures and urgent care. NHS Trusts across the country are struggling to meet the NHS standards of referral-to-treatment wait times and we cooperate with them to help improve their healthcare statistics throughout our operation. We’ve been working with Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust to help ensure that two-week wait patients are seen within this designated timeframe. Royal Berkshire NHS Trust were struggling with the number of patients presenting at eye casualty and by seeing those patients who are better suited to the community service as they arrive, we’ve enabled the hospital to significantly reduce their eye casualty wait times. Cutting costs, not quality Our service provision is charged at an average of 80% of the NHS standard tariff, affording a 20% saving to our commissioners. By allocated these savings towards areas that require improvement, trusts can ensure that the patient receives the best healthcare possible whilst focusing their efforts and finances to achieve and maintain the high standards that have been set for them. We save trusts money whilst delivering the highest quality of healthcare and we’re unwilling to sacrifice the quality of patient care for financial gain. With an NHS Choices rating of 4/5 stars and an abundance of positive patient feedback, we are proud to deliver a safe service that satisfies patients. Our NHS experienced clinical leads set an example of exceptional patient care and are pioneers within their respective fields, closely monitoring the quality of our services and auditing those who deliver it. We work closely with other primary and secondary care providers to ensure efficiency and continuity in patients care pathways and are delighted to be helping to improve the health of our local communities. We provide additional capacity to NHS hospitals. Just around the corner We do everything we can to support our commissioners and yet the patient is still at the forefront of our mind here at HealthHarmonie. We always strive to provide quality healthcare that is just around the corner. People have busy lives and traveling to distant hospitals for treatment isn’t an option for some of us. Convenience is key, and by offering evening and weekend clinics we hope to boost our accessibility to those who work throughout the day. These out-of-hours clinics already run in areas such as Birmingham, Stafford and Nottingham, and have received great response from the local community. We recognise that out-of-hours is very much the only time everyday workers, busy parents or children in education can attend doctor’s appointments, so to us it is clear that we must strive to operate in hours where people can attend without having implications on their daily lives. Together, we can cut costs and improve hospital waiting times to provide the best healthcare possible for our patients. Contact us on 0121 454 7779 or via our contact us form to find out more.


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