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We work alongside ICBs and NHS Trusts to help reduce pressure. We offer both outsourcing and insourcing models of care. We provide community-based services as well as surgical services within hospital theatres. This aids capacity and gives patients faster access to care. The support that we provide reduces local wait times immediately. Our solutions are long-term, sustainable and integrated with the local health economy.


NHS Trust + ICBs Partnerships 


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Why HealthHarmonie?

Patients Treated Closer to Home 

reduce wait times

Wait Time Reductions

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Weekend Clinics

RTT Timeframe of 4-6 Weeks

Virtual Clinics 

 Monthly Reports 

Dedicated Contract Management 

Measure Patient Satisfaction in Clinics

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Industry Leading Clinicians

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Insourcing Models of Care

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Case Study

We understand that each NHS Trust will vary in terms of requirements and needs. We want to demonstrate the positive effects our insourcing solutions can have for your NHS Trust. 

This year, we partnered with Wye Valley to reduced wait times and improve efficiencies to seeing and treating patients.


"From start to finish, the service couldn’t have been better. Really quick appointments, seen on time, everyone very helpful and professional"

- Patient, May 2022

Want To Find Out More?

Call us on 0121 454 7779 to discuss how our insourcing solutions can benefit your NHS Trust or 

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