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Top 200 Female-Powered Businesses 2022

We are delighted to announce that we have been recognised as one of the Top 200 Female-Powered Businesses in the United Kingdom.

We are incredibly proud to be featured within this list of such exceptional companies and strive to continue to bring healthcare services closer to home and provide additional capacity to hospitals. We are committed to our vision of creating long term, sustainable and patient-focused healthcare, and are very humbled to be recognised for our hard work.

J.P. Morgan Private Bank have analysed almost 40,000 companies that combined, form the United Kingdom’s high-growth ecosystem. This revealed that 10,647 female-powered businesses are founded, led, owned or managed by women. These female-powered businesses are a vital part of the economy, employing almost 700,000 individuals, amounting to roughly 2.79% of the nation’s workforce.

This report details recognition of women’s resilience and their critical role within the community as well as an understanding of how female-powered companies are reaching high-growth status within a short timeframe. This ranges from managing responsibilities at work to running and leading businesses. Women across the world have risen to so many new challenges, not only within the pandemic but also throughout the overall economy, and prevailed with incredibly profound results.

As of 2012, female-powered businesses accounted for just 6% of all equity investments, with 6.7% of grant funding. By 2021 this had risen all the way up to 19.1% and 16.7%.

Top 200 Female-Powered Businesses:

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