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Insourcing Solutions

Insourcing uses existing NHS premises and equipment outside of current services to provide additional capacity to treat patients. As they run outside the usual clinic times, it gives patients out-of-hours (including evenings and weekends) access to services. This simple and cost-effective solution successfully reduces NHS wait times and ensures maximum usage of sites. Our staff all undergo extensive training to ensure they provide the same standard of care as the existing NHS trust services.


We understand there are multiple factors that limit the efficiency of healthcare delivery. As are a result, we create bespoke solutions tailored to overcome any challenges to ensure the highest patient care. Working in partnerships with NHS Trusts ensures a consistent service to patients while creating a sustainable solution to rising healthcare demands.

Why HealthHarmonie?

Wait Times

Wait times will be reduced to patients as we provide additional capacity

Cost Effective

We provide cost saving solutions to meet financial targets 

Tailored Service

Our solutions are made to fit your specific needs

Meet Targets

Meet and surpass RTT targets 

Compressed- nurse- blue-min.png

Using our trained staff, we provide the same high quality care as NHS Trusts

Consistent Healthcare 

Nurse talking to patient at appointment

Case Study

 We understand that each NHS Trust will vary in terms of requirements and needs. We want to demonstrate the positive effects our insourcing solutions can have for your NHS Trust. 

This year, we partnered with Wye Valley to reduced wait times and improve efficiencies to seeing and treating patients.

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Want To Find Out More?

Call us on 0121 454 7779 to discuss how our insourcing solutions can benefit your NHS Trust or 



"My appointment was on time, the staff were very friendly, pleasant and thorough with the examinations. They made me feel at ease and very comfortable and everything was explained to me. They answered my questions. Very professional indeed. I would recommend HealthHarmonie."

- Patient, February 2023

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