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Minor Surgery Services

Minor Surgery is a medical-surgical procedure that is minimally invasive. 

Our minor surgery service is community-based and performed outside a hospital. The benefits of community minor surgery include convenience for patients, as they can receive treatment closer to home and do not need to go to a hospital. Community minor surgery services also aid in reducing wait times and improving access to care, especially in areas where there may not be a hospital nearby. Patients will need to be referred to our services through their GP. Once referred, patients are seen in a community setting. All consultations and treatments are led by our specialist surgeons in Minor Surgery. Patients are able to be seen much quicker with our current wait times of 18 weeks.

We strive to give the best patient-focused care. As a result, patients can fully understand their condition and all the options available to them. We provide patient choice, providing several options as to where, when, and how patients can be seen.

Flexible appointment times

Community Based

Flexible Appointment Times

Multiple Locations

Seen Within

18 Weeks

Nurse-friendly staff

Friendly Professional Staff 

Conditions We Treat Include: 

Hand Surgery 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

(Pressure on a nerve in your wrist which causes pain, numbness or weakness)

Our Minor Surgery Lead

Dr Ramez Gabriel-min.jpg

Hello, I’m Ramez and I’m the clinical lead for our minor surgery service. I work alongside a team formed of highly skilled professionals who are committed and dedicated to delivering our minor surgery service throughout the UK.


Visit your GP who will refer you to our services when appropriate


"From start to finish, the service couldn’t have been better. Really quick appointments, seen on time, everyone very helpful and professional"

- Patient, May 2022

Have A Question?

If you would like to speak to us about any of our services, please contact us. 

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