Doctor checking mole on patient's back

 Dermatology  Services

Dermatology is an area of medicine that specialises in conditions that affect the skin.

We offer dermatology services to diagnose, monitor and treat a wide range of skin conditions. Patients need to be referred to our services through their GP. Once referred, patients are seen in a local setting within 4-6 weeks. All consultations and treatments are led by our specialist medical experts in dermatology.

We strive to give the best care to patients. So patients can fully understand their skin condition and all the options available to them. We focus on patient choice. We offer several options to where, when, and how patients can be seen.

Flexible appointment times

community based

Community Based


Flexible Appointment Times


Multiple Locations


Seen Within 

6 Weeks



Professional Staff 

Conditions We Treat Include: 


Inflammatory Disorders

Moderate Acne

Moderate Eczema

Keloid Scars

Solar Lentigo

Bowens Lesions

Symptomatic Lesions

Our Dermatology Lead

Dr Mohammed Al Albadi

Hi, I’m Dr Al Abadie and I’m our Dermatology Lead. I’m a consultant dermatologist and have worked at the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust since 1997.


Visit your Gp who will refer you to our services when appropriate


"I was contacted less than a week after my GP, had the referral and was offered an appointment for the same week. They sent the results to my doctors 4 days later. The customer service was just fantastic."

Patient, January  2021

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