Ultrasound scan

Ultrasound Scan Services

Ultrasound is a diagnostic tool. It's used to create images of the internal body to help diagnose various conditions. The examination involves taking pictures using soundwaves. This allows your inner body to be seen through a monitor screen.


We are dedicated to providing high quality and safe ultrasound scans to patients. We deliver ultrasound scans in the local community. Appointments are within GP practices and clinics across England. We provide a full Ultrasound service from managing the booking to delivering fast outcome results. We currently see patients in 2 weeks.


To access our services, patients need to be referred by their GP.

Flexible appointment times

Community based

Community Based


Flexible Appointment Times


Multiple Locations


Seen Within

4 Weeks

Nurse-professional staff

Friendly Professional Staff 

Areas We Scan Include: 

General Abdomen


Biliary Tract 


Inferior Vena Cava 





Ultrasound Appointment Requirements

Please remember when attending your Ultrasound appointments that depending on the type of scan you are having, you follow the fasting/full bladder instructions carefully. 

Full Bladder: Drink 1-2 pints of water one hour prior to your appointment

Fasting: You will not be able to eat for 6 hours prior to your appointment. This also means no sugar or dairy. However, you can drink water, tea without milk, black coffee or a very weak squash.

Pelvis Appointment - Full Bladder
Abdo Appointment - Fasting 
Renal Appointment - Full Bladder 
Pelvis / Abdo Appointment - Full Bladder & Fasting
Pelvis / Renal Appointment  - Full Bladder
Renal / Abdo Appointment - Full Bladder & Fasting

Pelvis / Abdo / Renal Appointment - Full Bladder & Fasting


Visit your Gp who will refer you to our services when appropriate

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"I had an ultrasound and I wanted to acknowledge my thanks to your staff. They phoned me to book my appointment and to remind me of my appointment. The staff are thoughtful, kind and demonstrate a passion for their roles. They delivered the best possible service for patients despite the pressures of their work and restrictions in the NHS."

Patient, April  2021

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