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Perks Of Being A Healthcare Administrator (HCA)

Fancy joining us as a Healthcare Administrator (HCA)? We’ve got a number of positions available for those who are interested in embarking on an exciting and fulfilling career with us. Being a HCA is a varied role, presenting an array of experiences and opportunities for development. There’re so many perks of being a HCA, let’s take a look at a few of them:

Nurse helping patient with walking stick

It’s a rewarding career As we’re a community healthcare provider, it’s unlikely that you’ll witness the traumas of a busy accident and emergency department within our clinics. Nevertheless, as a HCA, you’ll still be supporting our patients through potentially worrying times. A welcoming, smiley face is often all that’s needed to reduce a patient’s anxiety and as a HCA, you’ll be there to comfort them and provide much-needed support. HCAs are arguably the true clinic heroes, helping the clinician to get what’s necessary out of the way whilst ensuring the patient receives the highest quality of care possible. Take a bow. There’s never a dull day Working behind a desk nine till five isn’t for you? Being a HCA is a stimulating and active role, and two days are never the same. Not only will your daily responsibilities be diverse, but each appointment will bring a new patient from a different walk of life, all with individual conditions and needs. You’ll be operating clinics at multiple locations within your local area, and your day-to-day work environment will likely change on a regular basis. Our wonderful host sites house the friendliest of teams, and you’ll be working alongside them as the face of our organisation, building positive working relationships that support the business. You’ll be part of a friendly team Not that we’re biased, but we think we’re a pretty great company to work for. You’ll be part of a dedicated clinical team that work closely and support each other to deliver exceptional patient care. We have a lot of fun as an organisation and we reward our Patient Care Advocates for their hard work. Every month, we draw upon feedback from patients and other members of staff to ensure that HealthHarmonie’s heroes are being recognised for going the extra mile. There are lots to get involved with as a HealthHarmonie employee, and you may find yourself helping out at one of our CPD events, baking a cake to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support or celebrating our success at the HealthInvestor Awards. Welcome aboard! Being a HCA is a varied role, presenting an array of experiences and opportunities for development. It’s an increasingly expanding industry There’s an increasing demand for healthcare professionals in the UK and HCAs benefit from job security and ever-expanding opportunities. There are no specific entry requirements for becoming an HCA, and we provide the necessary training for staff to flourish and develop prosperous careers. You’ll be exposed to a variety of healthcare disciplines throughout your time with us, allowing you to experience an array of health scenarios, make decisions about your preferences and tailor your expertise accordingly. Our clinicians are pioneers within their respective fields and as an HCA, you’ll be able to expand your knowledge as you work alongside them. There’ll be opportunities to travel Whilst you’ll be based within your local area, there’ll be opportunities for you to assist in clinics further afield. We’re commissioned to deliver health services as far south as Berkshire and as far north as Stoke on Trent, and as we’re consistently growing and expanding our service coverage, who knows where we’ll be operating next. For those that like to travel, we’ll look after you while you’re away and you’ll be provided with all the luxuries of home. Your travel, accommodation and meals will all be covered and you’ll get to explore new places alongside friendly colleagues. Sound good? You can find out more about becoming a HCA or apply for a position via our Job Vacancies page.


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