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Insourcing Case Study - Wye Valley Trust

We are dedicated to working with commissioners and NHS Trusts to offer a bespoke solution to aid the reduction in waiting lists backlogs. At such a challenging time for the NHS, assistance with capacity is key to ensuring patients receive the care that they need within suitable timeframes.

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Our approach to insourcing is underpinned by collaborative working. We take time to understand the challenges faced by NHS Trusts and build responsive models of care that offer long-term solutions.

Historically, we have worked with Wye Valley Trust to aid capacity in Cataracts surgery. In January 2021, the Trust approached us again to provide support following challenges experienced in the COVID-19 Pandemic. As a result of the pandemic, The Trust was facing extended RTT wait times which was impacting upon patients wellbeing.

HealthHarmonie reviewed the pathway to identify the different factors which were limiting the service, which allowed us to understand how we could support and offer improvements. Our bespoke solution consisted of a pathway reconfiguration which resulted in staffing capacity increases and additional working hours. This allowed the Trust to expand capacity safely and efficiently, offering short term aid to RTT wait times but also a sustainable long term solution.

Our solution was mobilised in just four weeks, and we provided a cohort of staff which included Consultants, Nurses: Ward, OPD and Theatre and HCAs. Our staff work outside Wye Valley Trusts usual hours to increase the capacity of patients seen in a period of time and maximise use of facilities . Additional patients are booked by the Trust, communicated to HealthHarmonie to be seen and treated. We have developed a seamless pathway to provide positive patient experiences within targeted timeframes.

Our partnership initial contract with Wye Valley Trust was intended for 3 months, however after delivery of positive results, our contract has now been extended and we continue to provide weekly clinics to support the Trust in RTT wait time achievement. We are proud to have built a long-term relationship with the Trust. If you would like to find out more about the services we offer or our approach in insourcing, please use the contact us form and a member of our integrated care team will be in touch.


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