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Working Together During the Second and Third Waves of Covid19

We are delighted to announce that we have been featured in the Independent Healthcare Providers Network’s ‘Working together during the second and third waves of covid19’ report which can be found here

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Last year we were featured in their ‘Working together during covid19’ report which highlighted the NHS partnerships that provided primary, community and diagnostics services in supporting throughout the first wave of covid we endured which can be found here This new ‘Working together during the second and third waves of covid19’ report is a follow up that highlights the NHS partnerships that have given continual support through the second and third waves of the pandemic. This ensures that patients are still receiving that vital care that they need.

Demonstrating support to the NHS and patients across the country through these extremely difficult times. Health services across the world have endured an enormous strain during these times. From providing virtual support for vulnerable parents, young people, and families across the country. They have deployed mobile clinical research facilities to help in the development of the covid vaccine and the delivery of thousands of remote physio appointments.

Ourselves and many others have had a significant contribution in helping the NHS clear the backlog across a range of services. These services include dermatology, ophthalmology, and gynaecology.

We will continue to support and assist the NHS in every way we possibly can.

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