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The Benefits of Insourcing within Healthcare

Insourcing is crucial as it ensures that patients have a wider scope of appointments to be able to attend in order to be seen and treated. Insourcing offers evening and weekend appointments that can play an incredibly helpful role alongside the typical 9-5 clinic. This plays a huge part in working around different patients work schedules as those who are at work throughout the day will not have time to attend the normal appointment times. Insourcing we can accommodate for patients much easier and provide them with more options, creating an extension of our already existing services.

The quality of patient care is our main priority, and through insourcing it allows us to track the development process within the clinic. In doing so we are able to create increased levels of productivity. Our RTT is able to stay at a high level due to the increase in appointment options and when referred, patients can be seen within locally, making it more convenient for them. It also means that patients records do not need to be transferred as it’ll all be contained within one clinic site.

Insourcing not only means we can have this extra capacity of care, but we can also extend our use of medical professionals within the NHS. Our insourcing solutions is part of our hybrid model which is inclusive of both insourcing and outsourcing. We offer bespoke solutions tailored to each CCG or NHS Trust.


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