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World Sleep Day

Sleep is often overlooked and not seen as a priority in everyday life. However, sleep is linked to promoting good health and well-being. Regular and undisturbed sleep routine is essential to keeping good mental health and helps with mood. In UK, we average between 5.78-6.83 hours a night, yet the national sleep foundation advises healthy adults need between 7-9 hours a night.

woman sleeping

By investing in good quality sleep can improve cognitive function therefore improving concentration and productivity. Physically your body will be more energized which is linked to better mood and a regulation in hormone. Sleep is vital as this is the time your body and mind can repair and recharge. To get a better night sleep, there are simple lifestyle habits you can incorporate. This include:

  • Establishing a good bedtime routine and sleeping at the same time every night

  • Keep a comfortable temperature in the bedroom

  • Limit your screen time before bed and keep a low light level when you sleep

  • Abstain from large meals and caffeine a few hours before bedtime

  • Winddown your day with gentle exercises

We spend a third of our lives asleep, therefore sleep is essential, and we should look to improve it where possible. Happy world sleep day!


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