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Why Community?

As a community healthcare provider, we work to bring services that would usually be delivered within hospitals, closer to home. The benefit of this for patients is that there is no need to travel into the hospital, pay for parking or take time off work as gynaecology, ultrasound, dermatology and other minor healthcare appointments can be provided more conveniently within local health centres and GP surgeries.

Community nurse blog

The NHS has to cover the entire population of England and tends to a vast library of illnesses and health problems. In such a largescale process, it can sometimes seem that the sense of community is lost and that’s why here at HealthHarmonie, we assure that healthcare isn’t just generalised but is in fact highly individual. We understand that to deliver the best possible treatment we must strive to understand the individual circumstances of our patients and they’re always at the centre of our operation as a result. Closer to you, closer to home It is our priority to have clinics that are local to you and therefore closer to home. During our research process, our business development team use strategies to ensure that our clinics cover the region effectively but are still only around the corner, meaning our facilities are always accessible to our patients when they need us. We make sure that all of our host sites are accessible via public transport and that free parking is available, so there’s no need for patients to worry about how they are to get to their appointment or the costs that attending will incur. We aim to deliver a customisable service that coincides with the lifestyles of our patients. With us, patients will not only have a choice over their clinician to suit their personal preferences, but they will also be offered choice over the location of their treatment and the date and time that it takes place. After an appointment has been arranged, our booking team send patients friendly reminders so that they don’t forget the details of their appointment and any preparatory requirements. Of course, unexpected things can happen, and the appointment agreed upon may suddenly be unsuitable. This is not an issue and if something arises, our booking team will go above and beyond to make sure that their appointment process is as care-free as possible. We will quickly reschedule for a later date which you can comfortably attend without having to wait weeks to be seen by a consultant. Your healthcare, your choice Our brilliant staff work out-of-hours so that we can provide our health services at times which are most convenient for you. Across the country, we run early morning, evening and weekend clinics because we understand that our patient’s schedules are hectic and daytime appointments may be inconvenient for many. By offering out-of-hours appointments we become more accessible, helping you keep your day-to-day life completely unhindered. Our service is conducted in local GP surgeries. We are always striving for quality and safety, and who better to tell us how to improve our service than our patients? We want to hear about their experiences during the HealthHarmonie process so we can better ourselves to offer a more complete and ever-improving service. You said, we listened, we did We conduct patient satisfaction surveys which are sent via text message to patients after their appointment, asking about their experience of our service. Here, we can find out opinions and suggestions on how we can better ourselves for them. For instance, HealthHarmonie patients said our clinics were sometimes hard to find. We listened and designed clinic location maps that are now on our patient letters, leaflets and also on our website. If you have any questions about our services or would like to find out more about your care within the community setting, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact us page.


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