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Hayley Grosvenor

Operations Director

Hello, I am Hayley Grosvenor. With over a 10years of experience at Healthharmonie, within a culture that prioritises the highest standards of safety, quality, and exceptional service user care. In my role, I oversee the Operational Management Team, ensuring that we achieve and surpass targets related to quality care standards, business planning, financial performance, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

I am responsible for ensuring compliance with all statutory regulatory bodies and internal company policies, building and maintaining solid relationships with external stakeholders, including Care Commissioning Groups, Acute Trusts, and GP/Optometrists, and achievement of KPI’s.

What inspires me is our profound impact on improving patient care and outcomes. I am driven by the opportunity to foster an environment where safety, quality, and excellence are the foundation of everything we do. My commitment to making a difference in the healthcare sector motivates me to strive for continuous daily improvement and innovation.

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