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Hello, I’m Stephen, our Ophthalmology Lead. I joined the organisation in mid 2017 having over 30 years experience as a consultant ophthalmologist and an interest in community based care. My three year period as Vice President of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists developed my understanding of the difficulties of delivering UK eyecare.

As Ophthalmology Lead, I’m responsible for ensuring that our eyecare services are safe and effective. This involves an input into all clinical appointments within ophthalmology and having an overview of the audit processes that we use to determine that our services are fit for purpose and follow national guidelines. I also audit those who audit others so that I can be sure quality is maintained at all levels of our organisation and provide virtual expert second opinions for our clinicians when required.

Outside the work environment, I am chairman of our local amateur dramatic society, directing and taking roles in about two productions per year on average.

Clinical Team

Professor Stephen Vernon

Ophthalmology Lead

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