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Dr Ramez Gabriel: Clinical Lead

At HealthHarmonie, our primary goal is to put the patient at the forefront of everything that we do. From our clinics, head office, and call centres the message is simple, the patient will always come first, and we will always give our 100% to deliver them the best possible outcomes. The high standard of care that we do achieve can be put down to our staff collaboratively working towards this one goal. All companies face their challenges, and HealthHarmonie is no different. However, overcoming hurdles is a much simpler process when all staff members work collectively and efficiently, pushing each other along the way to achieve our goal.

Dr Gabriel

One member of HealthHarmonie who embodies a team working spirit is our Minor Surgery Clinical Lead Dr. Gabriel, who states: "Since I joined HH, specifically taking the role of the clinical lead in minor surgery, we have been selecting the best professionals to join the team, everyone working to the best of their capabilities. Therefore, we have managed to create such a dynamic and highly skilled team of professionals. It is a buzzing and buoyant environment, providing us all with encouragement and a great deal of job satisfaction. We have become the example of achievements to other health provider competitors." Dr. Gabriel always makes a point of referring to his HealthHarmonie colleagues as family. This is a reflection of the strong bond he has formed with HealthHarmonie throughout the years by overcoming healthcare challenges and delivering positive patient outcomes together. He states: "Please allow me to point at and elaborate on why using the word "family" is key. This is because it is the way I feel whilst working at HealthHarmonie. Family isn't always blood. I remember once, I was sharing in a meeting about leadership, and I raised the point that I have two families, each with different dimensions, a different passion, compassion, and attraction. However, both perhaps share the same principles. The guests were humbled when I explained that I was privileged with the "ethos of 2 families": a family at home and a family at work." Having faith in his team and knowing that their work is making a positive difference in healthcare, Dr. Gabriel goes on the state. "When I work at HealthHarmonie, I don't get the feeling of being tired or exhausted, neither mentally nor physically, no matter how long the day is or how stressful it could be. However, I must acknowledge my limitations - my body can only take so much! On the contrary, I get a great deal of fulfillment, giving me enormous joy." As a healthcare provider, it gives us tremendous pride when our patients share this positivity and joy. This can be seen in our recent patient feedback comments including – Absolutely Great Treatment "I attended for excisions. Wonderful, knowledgeable, and very experienced. I worried about this procedure, but it just was not a problem. Wonderful caring people." Fabulous Staff and Wonderful Service "Wonderful staff who took the time to explain the procedure and why I was having it done. They explained about aftercare, and nothing was too much trouble. This was my third visit to HealthHarmonie. I highly recommend them." Dr. Gabriel finally goes on to share, "I like to use the word family, as it would express one's feeling working in a large team. It is resemblant of several different organs joining together to form one body. Each organ works together in harmony to fulfill a specific goal. Likewise, in our team, we care and protect each other, with full insight into the broader picture. I hope that the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment driven by the ethos of one body and one family would remain and never ends. I must say that I don't see why it shouldn't last as all members of the minor surgery team feel this way." We aim to maintain this strong workplace mentality by delivering the best possible services that we can with pride! As for all of our patients, we thank them for coming along on this journey with us and hope that we can all display the same amount of positivity that Dr. Gabriel does!


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