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Congratulations Mr Mamdouh Morgan

HealthHarmonie are pleased to share that our orthopaedics clinical lead Mr Mamdouh Morgan has been awarded the “BOA Presidential Merit Award 2020”. The British Orthopaedic Association (BOA), the professional body in the UK, has unanimously awarded Mr Morgan the “BOA Presidential Merit Award 2020” for his outstanding contribution and service to Trauma and Orthopaedics in the UK. They particularly recognised his work in training and education, and his commitment towards raising the profile of the SAS Grade (Staff Grade, Associate Specialists & Specialty Doctors).

Mr Morgan- hand surgery specialist

Mr Morgan was nominated in 2014 by the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) President to join the BOA Council, the BOA Education Committee and the BOA Training Standards Committee as a national SAS surgeon’s representative. His role involves strategic development of the SAS doctors in trauma and orthopaedics with the view of restructuring this grade for better patient care in the UK. He is keen on ensuring a suitable environment of “Training for All” with SAS surgeons receiving similar resources for training, education, and CPD as other training surgeons. Mr Morgan was the first orthopaedic surgeon to join our team at HealthHarmonie in January 2016. He contributed to the development of our minor surgery services, particularly hand surgery, with his Colleagues, including Dr Ramez Gabriel, to provide high-quality care for patients in the West Midlands. He is a long-standing member of our team. Mr Morgan is a senior orthopaedic surgeon in Birmingham, working at University Hospital Birmingham. He graduated in Egypt in 1984 and started his orthopaedic career in the Army in 1986, then joined the 4‐year High Residency Programme in an Orthopaedic surgery in Cairo. He obtained an MSc in Orthopaedic Surgery at the end of his training. Since this Mr Morgan has achieved many academic successes including the FRCS from the Royal College of Surgeons (Glasgow) in 1996, the MSc (Surgery of Trauma) from the University of Birmingham in 1998, the MSc (Orthopaedic Engineer) from Cardiff University in 2002, the MCh (Orthopaedics) from the University of Liverpool in 2003, the PG Cert (Leadership & Management) from Keele University in 2012, the PG Diploma (Medical Education) from the University of Birmingham in 2012 and the PG Diploma (Sports & Exercise Medicine) from the University of Bath in 2013. Possessing a passion and commitment to the SAS Grade Mr Morgan firmly believes that SAS doctors have the potential to contribute more within their grade and participate in leading change in the NHS for better patient care. As Associate Postgraduate Dean for SAS Doctors, Mr Morgan’s mission is “To promote a Strategic and Professional Approach to ensure all postgraduate education results in better patient care and service”. He has a clear strategic vision for the training, educational and developmental needs of SAS doctors. He ensures that educational activity for SAS doctors is incorporated into the assessment of Royal Colleges and the CESR application process. Mr Morgan was also the COPMeD Lead Associate Dean for SAS Doctors leading the educational and career progress of SAS doctors across the UK (2013 – 2017). He acts as a point of contact between the Postgraduate Medical Deans and several other prominent national medical organisations and stakeholders. In 2019, Mr Morgan was a member of the national SAS working group, who delivered the first published Health Education England (HEE) document regarding SAS doctors’ development: “Maximising the Potential: essential measures to support SAS doctors”. Mr Morgan strongly believes in developing all‐rounded SAS doctors both in clinical and non-clinical aspects. He collaborated with Keele University to develop three long‐term programmes for SAS Doctors. Firstly, he delivered an intensive 5‐year leadership programme which followed the Medical Leadership Competency Framework. Next, Mr Morgan developed a unique programme titled ‘Leadership and Diversity in the NHS’ for SAS doctors, which aimed to address the development of cultural intelligence and diversity in teams within the work environment. Lastly, Mr Morgan organised a “Leading in the Political World” programme which focused on increasing SAS doctors’ political environment awareness in the NHS and how to utilise their political intelligence to maximise and achieve the best for their service. Mr Morgan is passionate about leading SAS Doctors in the region to ensure that the education needs of the staff are met and that SAS doctors can contribute effectively to the delivery of service within the region.


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