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Celebrate Women In Healthcare

Happy International Women’s Day. We want to celebrate and reflect upon the progress women have made in the world of work and especially healthcare. Great strides have been made in healthcare due to women. This includes Marie Curie for her contributions to cancer and Florence Nightingale, a founder of modern nursing.

group of women hands

Healthcare as we know it today wouldn’t be as revolutionary without strong female leads. Here at HealthHarmonie, we are proud to be gender-balanced and celebrate the fact we have so many female leaders in the organisation. Mary Corridan, Chairman "I feel proud to be the female Chairman of HealthHarmonie. Having worked within healthcare for the entirety of my career, I am able to draw upon my vast experience to effectively provide leadership and strategic guidance to the board of directors and senior management team. I have reached this position through hard work, commitment, and a determination to succeed." Collen Brown, Head of HR It is a pleasure working in HealthHarmonie with so many strong female leaders who have inspired me since starting my career within the organisation. Being one of the many female managers within HealthHarmonie provides me with admiration for my co-workers for the fact that within our organisation, gender is not a barrier. My transition into HR has been challenging, but I can only thank the management team for supporting me in this role. For me, inspiration comes from women like Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama who have faced adversity but have not let this impact their success. True hard work is what will get you to where you want to be! Happy International Women’s Day Let's all celebrate the success of women from the past, present and future and let us keep fighting for equality!


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