BSOL Elective Care Service

We are delighted to announce our new Elective Care Services across the Birmingham & Solihull ICB. With our clinics operating within Central Birmingham, West Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull and Northfield. We have created this service to make it as easy as possible for GP’s to refer into us. We understand how busy GP's are so we’ve eliminated the need for them to handle diagnostics, treatments, onward refers etc as we will manage the whole process from start to finish ourselves.

medical professionals meeting together

Aims of Contract

Increased Health Service Capacity Utilizing strengthened relationships with independent sector providers to accelerate recovery.

Prioritising Diagnosis and Treatment Deliver 6-week diagnostic standards & reducing waiting times for Elective Surgery Treatment.

Transforming How Elective Surgery is Provided Reforming the way outpatient appointments are delivered, making them more flexible for patients.

We encourage referring into our services even if you are still unsure of the inclusions and exclusion. If it does happen that we are not able to treat them ourselves, then we will immediately refer them into secondary care. This focus will reduce the need for increased waiting lists and aid patient RTT outcomes for both already referred and new referrals across the BSOL ICB population.

Patient Pathway

1. Triage: Assessment of suitability of acceptance into service

2. Outpatient Appointment: Review & diagnosis of patient condition + need for Elective Surgery Treatment

3. Investigation Review: Diagnostic checks to assist in diagnosis of patient medical condition 4. Pre-Operative Assessment: Assessment of patient for identified procedure 5. Procedure Completion: Surgical intervention both outpatient and day case under local anaesthetic 6. Post Operative Investigation: Histology/pathology review to confirm diagnostic and next stages 7. Post Operative Care: Wound care management/review, signposting to physiotherapy if required 8. Discharge: Completion of patient pathway and discharge requirements 9. Onward Referral: Throughout pathway (where required) onward referral to HES