PPS and Outlook cleansing work

Thank you to all who have assisted with the PPS and Outlook cleansing work. This has been a large undertaking by all, and amazing results have been achieved.

There has been a 95% decrease in all personal actions dated prior to 2020! This is an incredible achievement and enables us to be aware of the clinical need for the coming months based on the personal actions that are in each folder. This means that patient wait times should reduce and continue to be maintained going forward. We also have clarity when looking at the personal action folders, knowing the care or information that each patient requires. And from an EMIS perspective, having a clean system means that the migration from one system to another will be much simpler and cleaner. We have put processes and resources in place going forward to help us maintain the work that has been completed.

One point that has been identified while completing the cleansing work is that there were a significant amount of personal actions assigned under individuals folders and not in the specific personal action folder needed. Can I please ask that we DO NOT assign personal actions to our own folders. We cannot monitor these patients for upcoming appointments or follow up care if these are not assigned to the correct folders.

If you have any questions around where personal actions need to be left, please speak to your line manager for confirmation.

The cleansing has resulted in more clarity regarding the care each patient requires.

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