Rita Roosfeld-Korm

Back Office Manager

Hi, my name is Rita, and I am Back Office Manager. I joined HealthHarmonie in March 2018 via the Business Administrator Apprentice program and since developed my skill set to become Back Office Manager. The Back office is the endpoint of the patient journey with HealthHarmonie, which I oversee. I coordinate and manage outcome reports, ensuring that they are issued to the patient’s GP promptly and that an onward referral is made where necessary. We have a tight-knight team, but we are also well integrated with our colleagues from other departments to enable the delivery of the best patient experience possible. I’m a keen gardener, and I love springtime when everything is coming back to life. If I could describe my perfect day, it would be a bright sunny afternoon, sitting in the garden with a cup of coffee and a good book in my hands.

As the Back Office Manager, I’m responsible for coordinating the processes occurring as the patient leaves our care. My team ensure that the outcome report is issued to the patient’s GP in a timely manner and that an onward referral is made where necessary. We work together as a team to ensure the best care for the patient and deal with results, triage and the confirming of appointment attendance. We regularly communicate with our consultants and help resolve queries directed though the GP telephone line.

I studied at Cardiff University before joining HealthHarmonie, completing a degree in Mathematics.

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