Coronavirus Update: Protocols


HealthHarmonie is continuously monitoring Public Health England and the UK Government’s daily advice and guidance updates, along with amendments to policies as they occur. We are ensuring protocols are being adhered too, to reduce risk to staff, patients, healthcare professionals, and the wider public, which is imperative in the current climate.

All our community clinics and wider operational departments are operating as normal, in line with the Government's coronavirus advice delivered on the 13th March by the Prime minister.

1) Our Protocols - Patients
100% of patients are being asked the following questions before booking:

1) Has the patient travelled abroad in the last 14 days, if so asked were and list of Category A countries reviewed?
2) Has the patient been in direct contact with confirmed case COVID-19?
3) Has the patient developed a NEW continuous cough and/or has a temperature of above 37.8*?

If the answer to any of these is yes, we are signposting patients to NHS 111 and not booking them into the clinic.
We are also confirming and re-evaluating patients 24-48 hours on the above and if present cancelling appointments.
Where we can e.g. follow up appointments, these are being done via telephone or Skype Consultations.

For HealthHarmonie staff, the same as above applies, including self-isolation as per government guidelines are being strictly followed.

3) Communication
Closure of GP Surgeries – Please contact James Slater on 0121 794 2520 if you are closing your GP surgery, so we can track changes to our referral level expectations.

Closure of Host Sites – If you are a host site please inform Sharon Plummer on 0121 3939 3834 ASAP, as this could affect scheduled patient appointments.

We are working with the local CCG to ensure the continuation of safe services in line with patient wait times. Where we feel COVID-19 is affecting the smooth running of services, further communication will be sent to all surgeries.

4) Assistance
During this time HealthHarmonie wishes to ensure that we support the local healthcare team and patients. If you feel we can assist you in any way, e.g. by call centre triage support for patients then please do contact James Slater on 0121 794 2520

For further information regarding our services and key contacts, please visit our website

Remember to wash your hands and sanitise them regularly

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